✓ MIDLINE Logistics is a dynamic Logistic, Customs Clearance & Transportation company
✓ MIDLINE logistics is an independent & privately own Saudi Company
✓ Located in Dammam
✓ Team of Local & International Class experts in the logistics industry
✓ Rich of a 125 years of combined experience
✓ Market Know-How and Best practices

✓ 1985: Started in the Logistic industry
✓ 1992: Creation of the Customs Clearance & Transportation office
✓ 2014: MIDLINE was created as a Logistic brand to grow the portfolio
✓ 2015: Signed contracts & started dealing with International Customers
✓ 2016: Expanded its business portfolio with more international clients

✓ Customs clearance Process – In-house Customs license, customs specialists.
✓ Our team of experts can provide you with the best advises to import your cargoes to avoid complications or refusal by the Customs authorities.
✓ Taking action on your behalf to complete all formalities prior shipment arrival.
✓ Liaise & coordinate with the shipping line agent and Port, trucking to avoid additional delays and costs (penalties, demurrages).