We are the specialized partner in the Eastern Province Ports:
✓ Air and Sea freight Logistics services
✓ +30 years of industry’s experience (Founder)
✓ Dammam Port (Customs Clearance & Operations)
✓ Dammam Airport (Customs Clearance & Transportation)
✓ Jubail Port (Customs Clearance & Operations)


✓ Inland transportation from Ports and Airports
✓ Using owned or third party trucks
✓ Ensuring best in class service
✓ Respecting roads and MOT regulation, safety and health standards
✓ Competitive Solutions ensuring safety and quality standards are met.


✓ Whether you Import or Export by Air
✓ Air Shipments are always urgent and badly needed
✓ Therefore we make sure all necessary formalities and steps are ready to get it done
✓ Fast, reliable and on-time deliveries
✓ Competitive solutions in a competitive environment


✓ Importing via Dammam Sea Port where we have +25 years of experience
✓ Ensuring that your cargo will be cleared without violating customs regulation
✓ Pre-alert of Documents and their compliances
✓ HS code and Commodities matching with the Tariff
✓ For a smooth and successful – Demurrages and Detentions FREE operations


✓ +30 years of expertise in the Eastern Province ports
✓ Air: Cargo or small parcels – Sea Shipments – Bulk/Project/Containerized cargo
✓ Our experience with various commodities & customers helps us building your solution
✓ Challenging ourselves in finding the solution whenever there is any issue.
✓ Following strict and compliant process to deliver your success.


✓ Special approvals and permits
✓ Duty Exemption lists
✓ Duty refund from exemptions lists
✓ SFDA lab test follow up and Documents process
✓ SASO Certification follow up and Documents process
✓ Temporary import file process and temporary period extension